New Studio in Room2F


Mixing for LOVE 972 台庆剧《Hero 来咯 》

2018 年LOVE 972 台庆音乐剧《hero 来咯》是个原创剧,由陈建彬,陈碧玉,周崇庆,李国煌等DJ 主演及现场演唱 。

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《雨季》 December Rain

Toy Factory brought back the production of “December Rain” for the celebration of SG50 this September. We are happy to have recorded and produced the album with a collection of songs from the musical. Featuring songs like “请你告诉她”“渺小的我” “我终于看到”sung by 陈邦鋆 Andie Chen ,潘嗣敬Sugie Phua ,汤微恩 Chriz Tong.

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Romeo and Juliet

It Is My Lady – A Song From Romeo & Juliet by Toy Factory Productions

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《封神榜之哪吒》The Legend of Nezha